Thursday, 23 October 2008


Friendships are a funny thing, 
no one know,s how they happen or why they happen they just do.
So i Guess i am quiet fortunate to have friends, Especially when they are the 3 time UFC champion and legend Royce Gracie.
Royce Gracie  is probably the most recognized figure in mixed martial arts, a Brazilian jiu jitsu specialist who i have witnessed on many occasions rolling in the academy's and tapping out the biggest of men with little effort after seminars .
Having spent hours both on the mat , and helping royce teach seminars,  i have learnt a great many things, not just about Gracie jiu jitsu, but about people, teaching and most of all about Royce.
Royce is a gentlemen a true character, Friendly, funny and a true people person.
When Royce walks into the room he brings with him an aura which automaticaly commands respect, he teaches with a passion giving time to all students,  at the end of the class he rolls with the students and stays around answering questions , signing autographs , and taking pictures.........
Never complaining Always smiling, always happy and always joking .
I could tell story,s of watching royce sparring at seminars and destroying huge steroid freaks but thats not what i am trying to portray.
Being on the road and watching and learning from Royce has truly inspired me and made me see things in 3 dimensions.
I have toured with Royce for the past 3 years and each time i learn a little more, just like i do when i spend time with my instructors Royler Gracie and David Adiv , i wish all the named guys here had more time to spend with us and teach us the great depth of knowledge they have, but i also understand how much in demand they are so when i am with them i try to soak up as much knowledge as i can to better my Jiu Jitsu.
I am like every other student, on a mission to quench my thirst for Jiu Jitsu so i can better myself and  help prepare the next generation of Jiu Jitsu fighters properly, and equip them with the correct skills,knowledge, and philosophy so they can be the best they can be.


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