Wednesday, 26 August 2009


Eddie Kone head instructor of the EKBJJ Association and Bloodline Fight Team Heads out to Romania on the 2nd of September to teach at the summer camp which will be held in the beach resort of mamia.

The classes will consist of BJJ and MMA anyone interested in attending should email
This is a great chance to train with Europe's only Royler Gracie Black Belt Eddie Kone.
Eddie will be teaching both BJJ and MMA .
Also in 3weeks time Eddie will be attending EKBJJ north to host some classes at the new affiliate school in Yorkshire stay posted for details and schedule .


Saturday 22nd 2009 Ultimate Challenge Troxy london, Bloodline fighters John Kelly and Brad wheeler Again step into the cage and put it on the line.

John Kelly Fought Alex Harvey Stopping him in the 2nd round with a devastating knockout.
Brad Wheeler Fought the very experienced Paul Reed who is one of the coaches at olympian mma the fight went the distance with Reed beating Wheeler by judges decision.
Brad toughed it out for 15 Min's with one of the uk top featherweights.
At 18 brad is one of the youngest pro mma fighters in the uk.
Well done guys everyone at team Bloodline is proud of you.


We just returned from The 2009 Brasil summer camp which was amazing,All of the guys made us feel so welcome and were very freindly it was like being in my own academy but in brasil.

Apart from having more then 6 black belts at the camp to train with including the likes of World champions Felipe Costa , Igor Silva, Brock lesnors BJJ Coach And world Champion Camprido, Michelle , Bezihno, and Caio i was amongst my own team from London and Romania.
Training was twice a day and the techniques and concepts were awesome, the food was great and at no point did anyone go hungry including the 120kg Romanian monsters.
There was to many funny things going on to mention and everyone got pranked at some point we even saw felipe perform the secret lemon pie dance check out YouTube to find out more.
A highlight of the time spent in the camp will be posted soon so keep an eye out.
I have attended a few camps over my years practicing BJJ but this was by far the most professional and friendly camp i have attended and i recommend this to everyone.
We will be going back again next year and will open the invataion to all the EK BJJ academy's and students who wish to attend.
Thanks to Felipe and the team hope to see you guys soon.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009


Sunday 09Th August saw EKBJJ first Affiliate Training Programme.

The meeting was used as a great platform for everyone to meet and get to know how the network is to move forward over the next year.
This was also the first time the EKBJJ association got to review our new Bjj curriculum.
Reps were in attendance for The 6 hour training session/ meeting.
Amongst Those in attendance were
Costa Doru pro mma fighter and EKBJJ purple belt who teaches at KO gym in lower Clapton road London E9.
Mark (monkey ) MMA fighter and EKBJJ purple belt (Rotherham)
Paul Farley MMA fighter and EKBJJ blue belt (Rotherham)
Viking Wong EKBJJ blue belt (China)
Also Big Congratulations to John Keely from EKBJJ Rotherham who was promoted to blue belt after two hard years of training.

Stay posted for more news as the EKBJJ spreads further into Europe.

Sunday, 2 August 2009


This past Friday saw the promotion of EK BJJ practioner VK Wong from white belt to blue belt.

VK has spent the best part of a year training alongside the EK BJJ team spending sometimes 4 hrs per day practicing the art, All who have trained alongside VK know how technical and gentle his Jiu Jitsu is.
Congratulations on the promotion.


The EK BJJ kids class is now up and running .

Classes run 3 times a week at the moment and will be increasing to 5 times per week come mid august.Our classes are designed for kids and youngsters up to 16 years old teaching them the Gentle art of Gracie Jiu Jitsu.
Classes consist of warm up , technique / self defence drills followed by free sparring and games.
Our kids class is specifically designed for your child to develop self esteem and confidence, balance, concentration, bully awareness, plus lots more.
why not enroll your child today and see the benefits for yourself.