Thursday, 29 May 2008

Dont you wish you had something like this at your academy

if only ......................

Wednesday, 28 May 2008


When starting bjj a lot of people come into my academy look around, take a class then there mind starts to wonder ,how long will it take me to be proficient ? how long will it take for me to get my next belt?  these are questions often asked by people who have very little or no knowledge of bjj, and they are surprised when white belts answer " hey i been a white belt for 1 and a half years. It seems that a lot of people come to the academy with hopes of earning a black belt in 3 years .

one of the most common mistake,s i have noticed is new students try to progress quickly from one technique to the other trying to learn everything but being proficient at nothing, this is not a good way to learn in my opinion, because if you learn a technique only to  rush it you acquire 50% of that technique then when you try to apply it in a situation you can only apply 25% of it , what use is this technique ?. The way i found which works in my academy is all the techniques taught on that day link together ,  and i will show the defence to that particular technique , then we drill the hell out of those technique,s with q and a,s at the end. To reinforce what we have learned that day when we spar we start in that position and try work our way around it.
I have found this a great way to learn and maintain the basics.
the moral of this blog
( master the basics )

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Select Techniques to finish an opponent

This is by far not an easy task. 

To outsmart your opponent ,think a few moves ahead and snare him in a position where he has no option but to tap or sleep.
but how do we achieve this?. Sure when practicing a technique with a willing partner we can do this over and over but when we have a resisting partner it becomes a little harder.
what i found over the years of training is this .
It comes down to  timing , reaction , anticipation and the ability to execute move,s in combination,s .
Example. one of the basic combinations taught at most schools is armlock , omoplata , triangle, back to armlock, This combination in my opinion is one of the best to learn at white belt stage and maintain it throughout the ranks each time drilled you will find this embeding in your muscle memory , drill this with different body types and levels then try apply it when sparring .

One question and answer session i saw with royler gave me a great understanding of this basic concept, a brown belt asks royler "how often should i practice the basic armlock " royler replies "i been a black belt for over 20 years and i still practice it daily " summed it up for me.......

Hope this makes sense.



This weekend i head out to the big apple, not to take in the sites but to meet up and catch the vibe with my friends down at the RGDA headquaters in new jersey.

It will be one of those occassions that could not be missed to train and hang out with both Royler Gracie and David Adiv heads of the association.
It is intresting times at the moment due to the fact the RGDA is spreading throughout england and into europe, the past year i have worked so hard towards establishing a a solid foundation for the RGDA here and across europe and now it really is starting to grow at a rapid rate with invites to establish 3 more RGDA schools in europe hopefully this year.
i am complemented quit often on how our academy is run, from the teaching and technical aspect through to the freindly atmosphere and egoless people that train there. for me it is allways a pleasure to drive to the academy teach train and hang out with the guys and girls and spread the knowledge which has been past to me over the past years.
I know every day i am blessed to have a great many students in my school who marvel at the techniques that are shown to them with the same look on there face that i have when i am taught something by Royler, David , or Royce . it is the most amazing feeling in the world to be able to pass this knowledge on and be trusted to do so .........


Sunday, 25 May 2008


Hi everyone and welcome to my blog, on here you can expect to be kept up to date with what i will be doing ,places i will be visiting ,people i will be training with personal thoughts and my journey through the world of Brazilian jiu jitsu.
There will be training tips posted techniques etc and various other information which i hope you will find interesting and of use.

well keep checking back, i dont know where im going i just know where i want to end up.

walk with me now, fly with me later.