Monday, 27 October 2008


 A new book came out recently titled CAGE TALK, written by 2 friends of mine.

Jimmy Page and Mathew freeman.
The book is very well written and very informative it covers a wide range of topics covering MMA.
The book features a lot of UFC stars plus a lot of the UK,s fighters and coaches including Eddie Kone.
The book is a must read for all Die hard fans of MMA and those wishing to have a better understanding of it.
So support the cause and buy a copy................ you wont regret it.

Thanks to Mathew Freeman, you are a true friend and a man of your word,
and I'm always here for you even when you relocate me and the team love you bro.......

Eddie Kone..

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Alex said...

hey, can you bring me a copy when you come in Bucarest next week? i could use the book for my MA paper..