Tuesday, 13 October 2009


Big Congratulations to the team of
EK BJJ London and EKBJJ North who competed jointly at Ground Control Manchester the weekend.
Camilla Hanson (EKBJJ London ) fought first, she fought in an open weight, open skills category and won all four matches, two by submission and two by points, So she won gold.

Next up was Viking Wong (EKBJJ London) he fought in the -80kg beginners division, he won his first four fights by submissions (two head/arm triangles, two triangles) and he won the final against a very respectful opponent by points (21 - 0)
Also in this division was Lloyd Cooper of (EKBJJ North), won his first fight by armbar, in his second, he took an accidental knee and in confusion tapped out.

Jonathan Keeley , (EKBJJ NORTH), was bumped up to +99KG ADVANCED rather than intermediate division, fighting against opponents with over 10 years of grappling experience, He won the first two fights by submissions, in the second fight, he landed awkwardly and completed the stunning transitions and finish whilst dazed, unfortunately, the injury meant he had to forfeit the final and so won Silver in his category.

Lastly the -80KG intermediate/advance division , Saw Costas Doru ( EKBJJ London/ KO) and Charlie Farley (EKBJJ NORTH) were matched up for the first fight, even with the backing of other fighters and spectators requested a change, but they were the last of the first round fights so no change was possible, they two decided to fight, Cos won on points, leaving Charlie to defeat his next opponent by submission to achieve equal fourth place.
Cos went on to fight and win two more fights by points, in the final he faced the incredible hulk, who played the game well and defeated Cos into silver medal.

So in all, in a rather last minute decision to compete, six EKBJJ representatives, in four divisions, brought home 2 Golds and 2 silvers. With classy opponents in classy fights at a well organised event , a great day was had by all.

Awesome achievement Guys well done from all at EKBJJ .

pics will be uploaded tomorrow

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Camilla said...

I had 3 fights not 4. Won 1 on submission, 2 on points ;-)