Sunday, 24 January 2010


For the past 2 weeks Eddie Kone has been visiting the EKBJJ Association and Family academey's teaching focus groups, competition training, MMA training and stratergies for those competing in the upcoming European BJJ tournament which will be held in Lisbon Portugal this comming weekend.
Eddie's first visit was to EKBJJ North which has 2 academies one in sheffield and one in rotherham, Eddie arrived on saturday and spent the evening updating and assisting the coaches only, on concepts theory and technique also sparring and making sure all was going well at the academey.
sunday was the main seminar .
Apart from team EKBJJ north Carl Fisher A.K.A the fighting photographer and crew came up to support from manchester and it was a great session with the focus being on the mounted postion with Eddie showing attacks, defences recovery and mainting the position some of the students were awarded stripes on there belt and Eddie was impressed with the level of jiu jitsu.
The following weekend Eddie flew out to Romania to visit and share concepts with team members Absoluto BJJ.
Eddie arrived on friday to no luggage , his luggage had been lost in transit including his GI and black belt and on top of that the snow in romania was half a metre deep and tempreture was minus 12.
Eddie attended the Absoluto academy and as usual was met with a warm welcome , students were split into 2 groups and the focus was on passing the open guard for the senior belts and defending the mounted position for the white belts.
At the end of the seminar George Stanciu assistant coach at Absoluto was awarded the purple belt.
Saturday Eddie and head coach of Absoluto Tudor headed down to Romanian K1 superstar's Ciprian Sorra Fight Academey to exchange some MMA Concepts and ideas with ABSOLUTO MMA TEAM.
In attendance was Pride and Cage Rage fighter Alexander (the giant) Lungu, K1 Fighter Ciprian Sorra and head coach Rorian.
After this was competition training and sparring with Absoluto bjj competition team.
Eddie now returns to the uk for a short break before heading to paris.
A few more seminars will be announced shortly, and anyone interested in hosting an Eddie Kone Seminar can contact us at
team kone@yahoo.co.uk.

Thanks for all the supprt and hope to see everyone soon Keep training.


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