Monday, 7 December 2009


First off Congratulations to John Kelly who fought an amazing fight saturday night for the final in the light weight tournament at Ultimate Challenge UK, You did yourself and your team proud.
John kelly fought and dominated all three rounds to what us and the rest of the crowd The promoter Dave o,donnel, leon roberts (ufc ref), comentator, and pro mma fighter peirere (the proffessional) guliette, rob nutly, and ian (machine) freeman along with 2000 other people could not believe it, they all spoke to us in disgust about the decision.
I would love to know who was judging and how they judged it because im sure they were watching something else.
No disrespect to simon Gill and the Nova Forca team who were awesome guys and great sportsman congratulation on the win.
I have watched the footage back and can not believe it, this not only puts our sport into the question of (fight fixing / and judges not knowing what they are supposed to be looking for) but also sheds more light that we actualy need a governing body who we could go too in situations like this.
John worked his ass off for the fight and was un marked in 3 rounds, he dominated the stand up escaped all sub,ission attempts and pushed to finish the fight for 15 mins .
when the vid comes out im sure people will see for them selves.
well done to Simion Gill and his team Marcus da silva and Tim radcliff, they are among the nicest guys i have met in the sport.


Links below to what the forums are saying about this.

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