Thursday, 26 November 2009

Week 1 of training for the European Bjj competition

So here i was in the office at my academy debating with my team weather or not i should compete in the IBJJF which will be held in Lisbon Portugal in late January 2010. the answer was very simple, why not.
So having set my goal, chose my training partners , strength and conditioning coaches and began training with these things in mind.

Cutting Weight While Maintaining Performance
Correct Training Cycles
Rest / active rest

All of these things i have been through with members of my mma team now its my turn.
I have decided that i will work in micro cycles which will be 3 days training one day rest and will incorporate
Strength and conditioning
Cardio vascular
light sparring v heavy sparring
Specific Drills

The past week has been very tough it started with reviewing my diet i now eat every 3hrs (small amounts) mainly chicken breast vegetables , salad etc. low carbs and i drink 2l of water per day which will slowly increase as time continues.
my workout has increased and i am now using cardio machines and weights to assist me in reaching my desired weight.
i am looking forward to the forthcoming weeks as it allows me to challenge myself both physically and mentally i will blog my journey and see if i can reach my ultimate goal , to fight at the Europeans and place in the top 3 .........
All of this along with running the academy , and teaching/maintaining my team !

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Meerkatsu said...

That's great news Ed, I'll see you in Lisbon too!
Only, my training regime consists of:
1. Macdonalds
2. Little sleep
3. As little cardio as possible
4. 2 hours of BJJ a week.

Oh god, I'm screwed.