Tuesday, 11 August 2009


Sunday 09Th August saw EKBJJ first Affiliate Training Programme.

The meeting was used as a great platform for everyone to meet and get to know how the network is to move forward over the next year.
This was also the first time the EKBJJ association got to review our new Bjj curriculum.
Reps were in attendance for The 6 hour training session/ meeting.
Amongst Those in attendance were
Costa Doru pro mma fighter and EKBJJ purple belt who teaches at KO gym in lower Clapton road London E9.
Mark (monkey ) MMA fighter and EKBJJ purple belt (Rotherham)
Paul Farley MMA fighter and EKBJJ blue belt (Rotherham)
Viking Wong EKBJJ blue belt (China)
Also Big Congratulations to John Keely from EKBJJ Rotherham who was promoted to blue belt after two hard years of training.

Stay posted for more news as the EKBJJ spreads further into Europe.

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