Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Eddie Kone Academy Expands into Essex

 Eddie Kone BJJ blue belt, Camilla Hanson  has begun teaching Brazilian jiu jitsu at the Essex University.

Class times are: 
Tuesdays 8PM TILL  10pm in the sports centre (activity hall).
Fridays 5pm till 7 pm sports centre (sports hall)
Camilla Hanson is the:  female 69kg seni 2008 gold medal winner, and
Camilla is a very technical fighter and everyone at EK BJJ are proud of Camilla.
Classes are open to everyone irrespective if you study at the university or not.
For futher information please contact Camilla Hanson on 07975 678285. or Eddie Kone 07960 932 224

more info will follow shortly

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