Thursday, 5 June 2008


I have found over my countless hrs spent on the mat,s teaching,sparing and drilling that there seems to be 3 fundamental elements to being able to finish a fight with a submission.

The first element being good positioning , without a good position it is almost impossible to be able to set up the submission . I like to teach a lot of positional games in the academy this teaches students that a dominant position could be the difference between almost submitting an opponent or a clean and decisive submission .
Then there is timing, this is where most people have a problem, when the timing is wrong it is almost impossible to surprise your opponent and make the submission work , so this has to be drilled over and over.
then comes the execution of the technique , clean concise and straight to the point , its the k.o of the bjj world, set him up take him out.
combine these 3 elements together along with combination attacks and 99 percent of the time you will be able to submit your opponent .
Its easy in words but not so easy to perform live, the way i like to drill this is i find a really strong guy in the academy who has some knowledge of bjj, i spar with him and when he starts to use his power i try to stay relaxed and go around the resistance he is offering me by using maximum of 3 moves i.e armlock, shoulder lock , triangle and bounce back and fourth or within the 3 until i catch him.
So In order for you to execute the perfect submission its down to simple mathematics,,,,,,,
gain a dominant POSITION,  work out his/her TIMING,  And execute your move .........
most of all keep working the basic positions and attack combinations...


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