Wednesday, 11 June 2008


Kron Gracie, son of bjj and mma legend Rickson Gracie competed in the  BJJ 2008 mundials this past weekend and lost his first fight in the black belt division by choke........

I have read a lot on the forums relating to this matter but lets put things into perspective.
Has everyone forgotten,
                                                                           KRON GRACIE
has submitted his last 51 opponent's consecutively , in case you never heard the first time i said  51 fights 51 submissions  in bjj tournaments, and not just in his division but in absolute divisions too .
he has won the worlds pan American's the list go,s on.
So now he loses his fight at the worlds and suddenly i hear kron is not that good etc. so lets have a look, Braulio Estima got submitted, Roger Gracie lost,does this make them or there achievements any less? .look in all sports everyone is allowed to have a bad day, true champions lose true champions come back that's what makes a champion, ask any of them.
The real problem is we put them on a pedestal and try have them live up to our expectations but we forget that we are human, nothing more nothing less, and  we all make mistakes, each and everyone of us mess up that's part of who we are , not one single person is bullet proof .
this is just my observation of this situation.
Better luck next time Kron...

everyone else lets 
keep training ...


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