Wednesday, 28 May 2008


When starting bjj a lot of people come into my academy look around, take a class then there mind starts to wonder ,how long will it take me to be proficient ? how long will it take for me to get my next belt?  these are questions often asked by people who have very little or no knowledge of bjj, and they are surprised when white belts answer " hey i been a white belt for 1 and a half years. It seems that a lot of people come to the academy with hopes of earning a black belt in 3 years .

one of the most common mistake,s i have noticed is new students try to progress quickly from one technique to the other trying to learn everything but being proficient at nothing, this is not a good way to learn in my opinion, because if you learn a technique only to  rush it you acquire 50% of that technique then when you try to apply it in a situation you can only apply 25% of it , what use is this technique ?. The way i found which works in my academy is all the techniques taught on that day link together ,  and i will show the defence to that particular technique , then we drill the hell out of those technique,s with q and a,s at the end. To reinforce what we have learned that day when we spar we start in that position and try work our way around it.
I have found this a great way to learn and maintain the basics.
the moral of this blog
( master the basics )

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